Department of Agriculture and Nutrition

Department performs permanent scientific-research activities and professional work in the framework of biotechnological sciences. Researches are mostly orientated to viticulture, wine-production, production of olives and olive oil, vegetable growing and ecology. Olive, grapevine, fig and other experimental plantations and laboratories are the basis for a variety of applied investigations. In the Department are active four laboratories: Wine Laboratory, Food Technology and Biotechnology Laboratory, Soil Laboratory and Genetic Laboratory.

These laboratories form the basis for scientific research but are also an important infrastructure support for the development of the agricultural sector in Istria. Scientific researches in agriculture and ecology refer to the study of specific issues / topics in:

- Viticulture

- Enology

- Olive growing

- Olive oil investigation

- Vegetable growing

- Development of agri-food products

- Protected area management

- Ecology

- Sustainable development.