Department of Tourism

Activity of the Department of Tourism at the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism encompasses scientific, teaching and professional work in the social science, field of economics. Mission of the Department of Tourism include a conduction of scientific research in the scope of tourism, particularly tourism on rural area and special interest tourism, as well as application of the scientific research results in private sector. Research topics encompass valorisation of tourism resources on rural area of Istria County and the development of the appropriate tourist product. Since there is a relationship between agriculture and tourism in the development of tourist product, research activities of the Department of Tourism incorporate these two fields creating a high quality scientific outputs.

Besides scientific research, Department of Tourism maintainsa high quality network with private sector, which incorporates both scientific and professional aspects. These aspects include regional development as a quality of life promotion process within a sustainable ecosystem, informational and advisory support for tourism businesses, encouragement of new trends in tourism, creation of knowledge based on research and education, training and support of local population in the area of the competitive development of small and medium-size agrotourisms, scientific and development projects and various studies for private sector and community which have direct influence on spatial plans. These activities imply that Department of Tourism is very proactive in knowledge transfer.