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Back in last year, the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism is working to popularize science in collaboration with educational institutions in the Croatia and abroad. The aim of these activities is to introduce students to scientific research of our institute. In order to popularize science and we will continue to strive to maintain good cooperation with such institutions and foster a good relationship with small and young pupils and students who will someday, hopefully find, their way to come into an interesting and dynamic scientific and research world. Take a look at that visits which were with us during this period.


Visits from students of Visoko gospodarsko učilište from city of Križevci

Krizevci 1

At the Friday, 23.11.2012., our Institute visited students of College of Agriculture from city of Križevci. This visit was organized as part of the Rural Development courses. This visit led the PhD Kristine Svržnjak and Sandra Kantar. To all Students were during a visit briefly presented the work and research activities of the Institute of agriculture and tourism.Students within their study tour visited also Agency of Rural Development in Istra, a famous Baredine cave, and two agro-tourist estates "Ograde" and "Špinovci".

Visits from students of Srednja enološka škola from San Michele all'Adige

Ucenici San Michele

On Tuesday, 04/23/2013. The Institute for Agriculture and Tourism visited the group of fourth year of high enological technical schools from the Italian of San Michele all'Adige. During the visit, the students visited the Institute (laboratory, a room for sensory analysis of wine and olive oil and constant crops vineyards and olive trees at the experimental farm). Our scientist presented them the activities and projects that are carried out at the Institute.

Visits from students of Srednja škola Zvane Črnja from city of Rovinj

Učenici Zvane Crnja

On Monday, 04/29/2013. Institute of Agriculture and Tourism visited the high school gymnasium from Rovinj. Students had in our Institute a field trip, with presentations, lectures and demonstration experiments of our scientists. Students have visited our labs and participated in the learning of the physical - chemical analysis of wines and olive oils.


Visits from students of from Lyon (France)

Francuzi 2On Friday 8th of March 2013, Institute of agriculture and tourism visited the students of the third year of study, the institution of „Institut d'enseignement supérieur et de recherche en alimentation, santé animale, sciences agronomiques et environnement Clermont-Ferrand Lyon“, in France. This visit is part of their multi-day professional visit to Croatia, during which they visited the institutions related to their scientific research.

Visits from students of Italian university Corso di Laurea Interateneo in Viticoltura ed Enologia


10th May 2013, The Institute for Agriculture and Tourism visited a group of students and professors from the third year of vineyard and wine studies (Corso di Laurea in Interateneo Viticoltura ed Enologia), which operates the Istituto di San Michele agrario all'Adige (Fondazione Edmund Mach - Centro Istruzione e Formazione) in the Italian town of San Michele all'Adige. During the visit, students presented scientific research and professional work of the Institute, after which they visited laboratories, a room for sensory analysis of wine and olive oil, the estate of the Institute with perennial cellar and mini-vinification part of wine cellar used for science researches. Institute of Agriculture and Tourism and the Fondazione Edmund Mach from San Michele all'Adige for many years successfully working together, and this is another in a series of visits from our colleagues from Italy to our Institute.

Visits from students of Osnovna škola "Škurinje" from city of Rijeka

Skola Skurinje posjeta

On 10/21/2013, Institute was visited by 26 student’s eighth graders Škurinje from Rijeka to 3 professors. During his educational visits they’re visited accredited laboratories for the analysis of wine and olive oil where they attended a brief scientific lecture. In addition to theoretical discussions with our scientists and lab managers they were also met with sensory analysis of olive oil and wine in a presentation of Sanja Radek PhD for wine and for olive oil by Karolina Brkic Bubola PhD. After our accredited laboratories students visited the experimental plantations of indigenous varieties of olives and vines, which they described and presented the head of the agricultural experimental farm of the Institute Elvino Šetić, M.Agr.

Visits from students of  Osnovna škola "Tar"

OS TAR 2013

10/31/2013. Traditionally the Institute of Agriculture and Tourism visited the elementary school "Tar" from Tar - Vabriga. In this group were 40 fifth-graders and four professors. During this educational gathering, those with little girls and boys interested for our scientific researches had many questions about how the laboratories work in the Institute, about the quality and recognition properties of virgin olive oil, and process of sensory analysis of virgin olive oil. After visiting the labs students visited the olive groves and vineyards. See you next year.



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Small arms in the olive grove 2012

Small arms in the olive grove 2013